August 20 – 21

Sundance Institute’s Native Film Series




Event Description

Jean Cocteau Cinema will proudly host the Sundance Institute Native film Series.  The four day event will consist of shorts and features created by indigenous filmmakers.  The program will include the award winning film, Drunktown's Finest, recipient of the Grand Jury and Audience Awards at the 2014 Outfest. The first day of the program will commence with a series of shorts.  Each successive day will showcase feature-length titles, some of which will be introduced by their respective filmmakers.  They are This May be the Last Time, On the Ice, and Boy to be screened consecutively with Drunktown's Finest.  Director of the Sundance Institute Native Film Program, N. Bird Runningwater, will be present for the duration of the series.

Director and Screenwriter of Drunktown's Finest, Sydney Freeland will introduce each screening of her film and remain for Q&A.  Spirit Award nominee, Sterlin Harjo will introduce his film This May be he Last Time and Chris Eyre (known for Smoke Signals) will present his other notable 2002 title Skins.  Academy Award nominee Taika Waititi will introduce (tentative) Boy, the follow up to his award winning Eagle vs Shark

Overseen by N. Bird Runningwater, the Program scouts worldwide for Indigenous artists with projects that can be supported through the Institute's Feature Film Program, Documentary Film Program, Theatre Program, the Creative Producing Fellowship and Summit, and the Sundance Film Festival.


Wednesday August 20 – Shorts Program:  RT 67 mins 6:30pm
Wakening by Danis Goulet - 9 mins
OK, Breathe Auralee by Brooke Swaney - 16 mins
The Cave by Helen Haig Brown - 12 mins
Shimasani by Blackhorse Lowe -15 mins
Sikumi by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean - 15 mins

Thursday, August 21 – This May be the Last Time by Sterlin Harjo -RT 95 mins 6:30pm

Friday, August 22 – On the Ice by Andrew Okpeaha MacLean RT 85 mins 6:30pm
Drunktown's Finest by Sydney Freeland RT 95 mins 8:30pm

Saturday, August 23 – Skins by Chris Eyre RT 84 mins 6:30pm
Drunktown's Finest by Sydney Freeland RT 95 mins 8:30pm

Sunday, August 24 – Boy by Taika Waititi RT 88 mins 6:30pm
Drunktown's Finest by Sydney Freeland RT 95 mins 8:30pm