Taos Shortz Film Fest presents

Spindrift • Gram Rabbit • Art Of Flying • Kanizzle




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General Admission: $5

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Taos Shortz Film Fest presents:

SPINDRIFT (Los Angeles, CA)
GRAM RABBIT (Joshua Tree, CA)
KANIZZLE (Mischief/Dancetronauts)

@ Taos Mesa Brewing; Sunday March 10th. Doors @ 7PM, only $5 cover
http://www.taosmesabrewing.com for presale tix go to: http://holdmyticket.com/event/130180

Spindrift is a psychedelic Spaghetti Western Grindhouse Rock ‘n Roll band featured on Quentin Tarantino soundtracks and heavily influenced by The Doors, My Bloody Valentine, Hawkwind, Bruce Haack, and Chrome.
"Spindrift: experimental, epic, cinematically inspired music more akin to the textured, symphonic layers of Portishead than the chaps and 10-gallon hat–wearing Riders in the Sky…. makes you feel like you've just been made love to by a handsome stranger, a genius visceral experience." - LA WEEKLY

Gram Rabbit: Disco-pop, off-kilter country, and psychedelic rock, a female-led quartet from the deserts of Southern California.
“Dry and tough as mule jerky, sexy as a swayed hip, the music weaves elements of electro-dance, Byrd’s-era country rock, inner-space jazz, and gnomic meditations in the manner of Spiritualized and Pink Floyd into a sound that’s unaffectedly homey, profoundly ambitious, and frankly revolutionary.” -Ron Garmon, LA CityBeat

Art of Flying take a ghostly, lost-on-the-moor sound and transfer it to the desert. Their music moves from stonerish low rock to raw-boned country folk, Dylan-esque word paintings to Tom Waits-like demishanties, and, sometimes, there's even an unlikely hint of Kate Bush. -New Times, Los Angeles

JexImé & the Fireflies: Fire Spinning and Fire Breathing performance by lovely badass ladies

Czech Megaphone marching band!

Kanizzle - (Mischief, Dancetronauts) just relocated after many years spinning in DC.