Snow Poems ‘Night of Illumination’




Event Description

Snow Poems locations have been asked to keep their lights on this evening until 8pm. Join our Snow Poems closing ceremony with guided and self-guided tours and Snow Poems Hear Here Choir. Hot cider, cookies, and cake served.

6:15pm  Walking tours
led by Michelle Laflamme-Childs, Jamie Figueroa, and Hannah Mabel

7:15pm Snow Poems Hear Here Choir performance
directed by Molly Sturges

Snow Poems Hear Here Choir with Molly Sturges
Guiding participants with hand gestures, we will sculpt and weave sound together with snow poem excerpts to create a unique, one-time-only community-sourced choir. Choir practice starts at 6:15pm, and anyone can participate! You don’t need to be able to sing or read music. The only requirement is a willingness to try something new. There are no mistakes in Hear Here Choirs. Molly Sturges directs Hear Here Choirs around the country and is a co-founder and co-artistic director of Littleglobe and Lifesongs.  

Snow Poems is a community poetry venture which won a Site Santa Fe Spread Award. Snow Poems explores cities as “living books” written by their inhabitants.

There are over 40 windows around town with Snow Poems gracing their windows. The Santa Fe Public Library has some great photos on their Facebook page showing the installation of their poem.

UPDATE: The Snow Poems Guide maps are ready! Download here.