Smackdown! Dona Teresa versus the Inquisition




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HaMakom’s Continuing Education lecture series will continue on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00pm. Professor Victoria Erhart will lecture on the life of Dona Teresa Aguilera y Roche, wife of the governor of Santa Fe, who, accused of being a secret Jew, was arrested in 1662 by agents of the Inquisition. She was deported to Mexico City, imprisoned and eventually put on trial. After months of imprisonment, Dona Teresa asked for and received ink and parchment. Her Inquisitors rejoiced, thinking she might be ready to confess. Their joy was short lived. Dona Teresa’s written defense blew the lid off every secret and not so secret scandal in Santa Fe. Her dossier also gives us details of an Inquisitorial trial, and a comprehensive description of colonial life in Santa Fe. At St. Bede’s, 1601 South St. Francis Drive @ San Mateo, Santa Fe.

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