Exhibition Opening

SITElines2014: Unsettled Landscapes

SITE Santa Fe Unveils Participating Artists




Event Description

SITE Santa Fe is pleased to announce the selection of 45 artists and artist collaboratives from 16 countries to be included in the inaugural edition of SITElines, SITE Santa Fe’s new biennial exhibition series with a focus on contemporary art from the Americas. The first SITElines exhibition, Unsettled Landscapes, will open July 20, 2014 and will be on view through January 11, 2015. Preview events will be held July 17-­19, 2014.

SITElines signifies a radical rethinking of SITE Santa Fe’s signature biennial exhibition, originally established in 1995. It represents a collaborative structure for planning its biennials, a vision for continuity between biennials, a commitment to community and place, and a dedication to new and under­-recognized perspectives. This new multi­-dimensional approach—together with a strong geographic focus—redefines SITE’s role at the forefront of biennial exhibition making and proposes new curatorial frameworks for biennials globally.

Unsettled Landscapes will look at the urgencies, political conditions and historical narratives that inform the work of contemporary artists across the Americas – from Nunavut to Tierra del Fuego. Through three themes – landscape, territory, and trade – this exhibition expresses the interconnections among representations of the land, movement across the land, and economies and resources derived from the land.

“With Unsettled Landscapes, we build connections from Santa Fe to the rest of the Americas, we explore untold stories and perspectives, and we link between our past and our present,” said Irene Hofmann, Phillips Director and Chief Curator of SITE Santa Fe. “First Native American land, then a Spanish Kingdom, a Mexican Province, and an American Territory, all before statehood, New Mexico is a rich microcosm of the Americas. We are proud of the selection of artists participating in Unsettled Landscapes. These artists represent multiple generations and regions throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our show includes important new and existing works, 13 new commissions and several off-­site installations. In addition, we have also included key works of art from previous decades that further expand the ideas of the show. Our aim was to curate a dynamic exhibition that shows how themes of landscape, territory and trade weave throughout the work of artists from every corner of the Americas.”

(Alphabetized by last name)

Shuvinai Ashoona | CAN
Jamison Chas Banks | USA
Raymond Boisjoly | CAN
Andrea Bowers | USA
Matthew Buckingham | USA
Adriana Bustos | ARG
Johanna Calle | COL
Luis Camnitzer | URY | USA
Liz Cohen | USA
Minerva Cuevas | MEX
Blue Curry | BHS | GBR
Agnes Denes | USA
Juan Downey | CHL
Marcos Ramírez ERRE & David Taylor | MEX | USA
Gianfranco Foschino | CHL
Futurefarmers | USA
Anna Bella Geiger | BRA
Andrea Geyer | DEU | USA
Frank Gohlke | USA
Pablo Helguera | MEX | USA
James Hyde | USA
Deborah Jack | NLD | ANT | USA
Yishai Jusidman | MEX | USA
Leandro Katz | ARG
Irene Kopelman | ARG
Miler Lagos | COL
Glenda León | CUB
Ric Lum | USA
Antonio Vega Macotela | MEX
Iñigo Manglano­Ovalle | ESP | USA
Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves | PER
Daniel Joseph Martinez | USA
Jason Middlebrook | USA
Ohotaq Mikkigak | CAN
Kent Monkman | CAN
Patrick Nagatani | USA
Florence Miller Pierce | USA
Marcel Pinas | SUR
Edward Poitras | CAN
Fernando Palma Rodríguez | MEX
Kevin Schmidt | CAN
Allan Sekula | USA
Melanie Smith | GBR | MEX
Charles Stankievech | CAN
Clarissa Tossin | BRA