Shamanic Journey with Dove: Prophecy and Promise




Contact Info:

(505) 989-3507

Ticket Info

General Admission: $20

Seniors (65+) and Full Time Students: $10

Event Description

Come join us at our next Shamanic Journeying and Drumming Group as we journey with Dove as a totem, to see how the creative process is working within our lives, and to discover what is within our souls, waiting to be birthed.

We will start the evening with a drum circle to expand our consciousness, and then use the power of shamanic journeying to connect with Dove at a soul level. No prior experience with shamanic practices is needed...simply a desire to vibrate with the true nature of yourself and the Universe.

Ted Andrews, in his book Animal Speak states, “The song of the Dove tells you to mourn what has passed, and awaken to the promise of the future. It is a bird of prophecy and can help you see what you can give birth to in your life.”

We chose the dove to head our website pages as a messenger from the gods…carrying the olive branch as a promise of peace and new life after hardship…symbolic of personal transformation through raising one’s consciousness.

In many traditions, dove represents the qualities of motherhood, feminine energies, spiritual love, and creativity. The dove is closely aligned with the element of water, and out of its mourning song, it invokes the new waters of life.

The shamanic journey is a healing experience that expands our awareness of being, empowering us to live our authentic destiny. It is a remarkable visionary method used by humans throughout time to explore the hidden universe, to connect with a larger reality, and to find spiritual guidance.

Journeying with animal totems is a wonderful way to expand our appreciation for all living things, create a stronger connection with the Earth, and open to new qualities and expressions in our lives.