Sex on Vinyl MMXIII - “Anything is Possible”




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Event Description

“Anything is Possible” at the 8th annual Sex on Vinyl (SOV) Valentine’s Show at the Rouge Cat in downtown Santa Fe. The unique ritual that features world class DJs mixing as couples welcomes for the first time, a San Francisco based DJ, Sean Cusick along with returning SOV DJs Melanie Moore, Donovan, The Reverend and Oona.

“Anything is Possible” was chosen as the theme of this year’s event for whether in music, friendship or love, Valentine’s weekend is the time to open your mind and heart to what may lie ahead. That stranger dancing next to you may very well become your dearest friend or the love you have been waiting for. With no less than two DJs mixing simultaneously on the decks, anything is possible with the rhythms of the night. With over 20 years of history and relations between the SOV DJs, anything is possible in their music programming which will span early house and techno classics to the modern era of electronic music.

Making his New Mexico and Sex on Vinyl debut, Sean Cusick has a colorful history in the electronic music industry, starting out as a resident at Firestone in Orlando and a regular favorite at the legendary Simons in Gainesville, Florida. Sean Cusick and Melanie Moore have shared a long musical friendship which originated in Florida during epic nights in the early 90s. Later, Melanie and Sean reunited in New York City where Sean's fame expanded globally during his monthly residencies at Twilo in NYC, performing regularly with Sasha & Digweed as well as Anthony Pappa. He is well known for his production work and collaborations with such innovators as DJ Three, Jimmy Van M and Mick Parks.

“An original vinyl DJ and producer with international acclaim, Sean Cusick is a bullet proof performer who honors our craft with a notorious taste for the sexiest house and techno I have ever heard. I am thrilled beyond measure to welcome this incredibly talented artist who is also an incredibly dear friend to the SOV family of DJs” says Melanie Moore.

This year’s event also marks some major accomplishments in the lives of the SOV DJs, including marriage and parenthood. Sean Cusick recently welcomed a son to his family, The Reverend Mitton plans to marry his long time love in the summer of 2013 and Melanie Moore welcomed the birth of her twin girls in early December with her partner, Maggie Moore. Shockingly enough, Donovan Livingston remains a swinging bachelor looking for love!

SOV’s signature winter forest returns a romantic and ethereal atmosphere to the Rouge Cat with hundreds of decorative birds perched on branches above the dance floor. This design aesthetic was inspired by a vintage New Mexican Valentine which depicted two ravens sitting together on a branch. With signature Rouge Cat cocktails Sex on Vinyl 8 celebrates love and affection in a modern, musical world.

Melanie Moore and Donovan have performed and produced events together since 1995. The Sex on Vinyl series (SOV) is their flagship production and features high design with world class DJs, all of whom are required to mix in pairs on no less than four turntables. Sean Cusick currently lives in the San Francisco area with his wife and son and will make his New Mexico debut on Feb. 9th, 2013.