Feb. 9

Serigrafix Demo Day at Artisan




Event Description

Serigrafix Studio's Jason Rodriguez and Kestrel Andrus will be screening a brief video about the process involved in creating a serigraph and printing a limited-edition serigraph print from start-to-finish with Cameroonian artist Issa Nayaphaga. Issa is a cartoonist, artist and activist who works globally. His artwork has inspired the human spirit of thousands of people in dozens of countries. Issa is convinced that the power of art can save lives.

This is the first time Issa's work has been offered as a reproduction of any kind. The prints will be offered for sale to support Radio Taboo, Community Radio for Social Change, one of Issa's projects. http://ww.radiotaboo.com/

Register at the Artisan front counter or by calling 505-954-4179

Issa Nyaphaga grew up in Nditam, Cameroon, a village without access to running water, electricity, medicine or education. His work was published weekly in several national newspapers before he was repeatedly censored and jailed. One of the newspapers, "Le Messager Popoli" (“The Messenger of the People”) published the top news stories in the form of cartoons and comics for the very large illiterate population living in urban areas. In 1996 independent publication reached about 5 million readers and was banned by the Cameroonian regime. He struggled with censorship laws and issues, which forced him (and many other journalists) into exile in France, where he co-founded African Journalists in Exile (JAFE).

Another group he has pioneered is Hope International For Tikar People. This local grassroots group has brought water projects, wheelchairs, sustainable agriculture, and medicine to isolated villages in Western Africa.