Tuesday, August 20

Santa Fe Speakeasy: Addiction




Event Description


Ever find yourself alone and desperately scraping the bottom of an ice cream container – anxious and needing more? How about compulsively clicking your way through Facebook and Internet pages like a lab rat taps the treat bar in his cage? Simply can't live without yoga, tantric sex or adrenaline inducing, endorphin producing sports?  What are you desperate for, that no matter how much you do, you still can't get enough? As in you simply can't stop yourself, no matter how hard you try. The habit you once wielded control over has taken ahold of you. Of course there are drugs and alcohol, shopping and food . . . and we welcome these potentially painful or poignant tales, as well as the ones you might overlook if your first response to this theme is: ‘Who me? I don't have an addiction...’ How about phone books or tchotchkes? Find yourself pilling them up in corners of your home and wishing you could stop?

Welcome aboard. This SpeakEasy is a night for stories from those of whom mere inspiration becomes obsessive madness. Throw balance out the window and do away with moderation. Let’s hear about your addiction: Tell a story about the one that nearly devoured you before you finally tamed it at the last minute, or detail for us the addiction that you currently have. What about the addiction that you’ve always wished you had but can’t quite get?  Whether it’s a type of clinically certifiable mania that will be the end of you, or the enviable submission to your deepest passion and inspiration. Addiction takes all forms but is always both the insanity of devotion and devotion to the point of insanity. We want to know how you got it, how you live it,  and how you may have wiped it out. It may be bizarre or it may be mundane. It may be something that you’d prefer you weren’t as susceptible to, or something you like to yell from rooftops, loud and proud. It could be that only a few people actually know about your addiction. Or, your addiction may be a well-known public fact that defines your identity. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Your addiction could be your quirkiest and most human attribute or you could fight your addiction every moment just to live another day.  We've all got one. Your addiction makes you tick. No matter how funny or shameful your addiction is a part of you– and the Santa Fe SpeakEasy invites you to come and share it with us!

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