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Robert Mirabal’s ‘Music and Myth’




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Grammy award-winning Native American artist Robert Mirabal is once again bringing a brilliant multidimensional work of art to life with the creation of his latest theatrical concert production,Music and Myth. The performance will be filmed live at The Santa Fe Opera in New Mexico onFriday, August 30 and Saturday, August 31, with its television debut set for March 2014 on PBS. A DVD and CD containing additional material from the concert will also be made available with various levels of donation pledges during fundraising programs scheduled during the year, as well through retail outlets nationwide and digital downloads.
Concerts will begin both nights at 7:00 p.m. MDT. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling The Santa Fe Opera Box Office at (800) 280-4654 or online by visiting the "Calendar" at  

Mirabal's Music and Myth will feature the legends, myths and history inspired by the People of the Native American Pueblos of the American Southwest, through music, dance, and Mirabal's own inimitable and charismatic story-telling. Mythological characters, such as the Corn Maidens, the Raven Mocker, Drought, the Twin Warriors and the Pollen Child-wearing colorful tribal dress, will magically come to life throughout the production, bringing Pueblo culture and mythology to life in a timeless contemporary expression.     

The production will feature new compositions by Mirabal and his musical collaborators, Grammy winning musician Larry Mitchell and acclaimed choreographer Rulan Tangen, as well as hits from Mirabal's previous albums. Mirabal's band, and additional accomplished musicians will play both Native American and modern instruments.  Authentic Native American Pueblo dancers in colorful regalia will also be showcased.