Rio: Bossa Nova & Jazz




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Featuring wistful vocals and lyrical guitar work, Rio offers intimate interpretations of Bossa Nova and Jazz. With Julia Yates at the mic and Tim Drackert on guitar, Rio’s sound offers "all the breathy sensuousness of Sade" and a Brazilian vibe that "flows easily between seductive, energetic and hypnotic." (Your Times, Helena Independent Record)

Together with Museum Hill Café’s Brazilian menu options, the International Folk Art Museum’s Brasil & Arte Popular Exhibition, and the gift shop’s extensive Brazilian music collection, Rio completes the Brazilian theme. Yates is excited: “This summer there’s a little Brazilian world up here on Museum Hill, with a view worthy of Rio de Janeiro. Between the warm breeze and the stars it’s— “ Laughing, she sings the first lines from Corcovado, the biggest Bossa Nova hit after Girl from Ipanema: “Quiet nights of quiet stars, quiet chords from my guitar, and a window that looks out on…Santa Fe!…It really is so very lovely.”

Yates sings in Portuguese as well as English, and her enthusiasm for authentic Brazilian Bossa Nova runs deep. ”Bossa is so minimal and unaffected," says Yates. "It was originally music sung for a few friends in tiny Rio de Janeiro apartments. It’s complex and tricky, but it sounds as easy and natural as humans whispering to one another. The syrup you hear in some recordings— the reverb, the orchestra— that was added by record producers. But as long as you leave the string section at home, there’s no schmaltz in Bossa Nova. It’s fresh— timeless."

"We live in a hyped up world‚" adds Drackert. "We’re over stimulated, measured out in sound bites and ringtones. It’s the information age and we’re swallowed up by this stuff. But is there any real communication going on, is there any intimacy? That’s kind of what we’re about."

Rio’s quartet was featured on MT-PBS’s Emmy-award winning series, 11th and Grant— watch it online at Their CD, Rio, is available on iTunes and Amazon.