Rio ~ Bossa Nova & Jazz

Intimate Bossa Nova and Jazz Americana, featuring wistful vocals and lyrical guitar.




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No cover. Reservations recommended.

Event Description

Featuring wistful vocals and lyrical guitar work, Rio offers intimate interpretations of Bossa Nova and Jazz. Rio's sound has been compared to Sade and Astrud Gilberto, and appeals to fans of Norah Jones, João Gilberto, Diana Krall, and Pat Metheny. Music starts at 7:30pm. No cover. Reservations recommended. 

"Bossa Nova is so minimal and unaffected," says the group's vocalist, Julia Yates. "It was originally music sung for a few friends in tiny Rio de Janeiro apartments. It's complex and tricky, but it sounds as easy and natural as humans whispering to one another. The syrup you hear in some recordings— the reverb, the orchestra— was added by record producers. But as long as you leave the string section at home, there's no schmaltz in Bossa Nova. It's fresh— timeless." 

"We live in a hyped up world‚" adds guitarist Drackert. "We're over stimulated, measured out in sound bites and ringtones. It's the information age and we're swallowed up by this stuff. But is there any real communication going on, is there any intimacy? That's kind of what we're about."

Rio plays mostly as a duo, but will bring the full quartet to El Meson, with Cal Haines on drums & Justin Bransford on bass. "The quartet is a riot," says Yates, "You have all the intimacy of the vocal-guitar interplay, but then you get this dynamic lift from the bass and drums— it's like the wind picks up." 

In 2011, Rio's quartet was featured on Montana PBS's Emmy-award winning series, 11th and Grant, which can be viewed online at Rio's website, Their self-titled CD is available on iTunes and Amazon.