Reading/Book Signing - Gertrud Kolmar: A Literary Life




Event Description

The reading and talk by Linda Marianiello and Franz Vote will present an overview of Kolmar's life through carefully selected excerpts from "Gertrud Kolmar: A Literary Life", including a few of her poems. The event also falls on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013. The German-Jewish poet Gertrud Kolmar died sometime after March 3, 1943 at Auschwitz. Only recently have her poetry and life garnered public attention within Germany and internationally. Dieter Kühn's monumental biography of the poet shows how deeply this German author has delved into the history of the Nazi period. The work includes a plethora of personal stories from the lives of real people who lived, suffered, and died at the hands of their Nazi persecutors. The personal accounts help to show how the law was manipulated to bring about the Final Solution. In fact, Gertrud Kolmar's father was himself a respected lawyer in Berlin before the Second World War .