Santa Fe Bandstand presents

Radio La Chusma and The Imperial Rooster




Event Description

Santa Fe Bandstand is a free summer music festival on the Santa Fe Plaza, produced by Outside In Productions and a crew that strives to present the city with a wide range of performers, who represent the diversity and wealth of musical talent in this region. Performances take place Monday to Friday, starting on June 21 through August 23, 2013. All shows are free and open to the public.

Radio La Chusma: Reggae/ World. El Paso’s Radio La Chusma is, first and foremost, a reggae band, but the band also incorporates cumbia, Afro Cuban music, and world beat rhythms that are a combination of all of the above. The band is a veritable word beat encyclopedia of sounds- a shining representation of the borderland not because it adheres to any one localized style. It is a band at the crossroads, with a style and sound that crosses borders and cultures with ease.

The Imperial Rooster: Indie/ Country/ Rock. Espanola's The Imperial Rooster play an out there mix of all acoustic country, folk, blues, & rock 'n' roll that can only be described as GONZO ROOTS MUSIC. If Nick Cave and Tom Waits had a baby together and that baby covered Johnny Cash songs with the Violent Femmes backing him up but used lyrics
written by Hunter S Thompson and William Burroughs then it might sound a little bit like the Rooster. Winner of 2012’s unofficial “Funnest Night on the Bandstand” award.

Tonight's performances are sponsored by Santa Fe Fiesta, Inc.