Radical Freedom



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This is a free event.

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Suffering? Anxiety? Spiritual angst? PTSD? Addictions? Resentments? Restless mind? Meditation or yoga practice hit a plateau? Your strategies for coping no longer working? Whatever your troubles, you are invited to radical freedom. No empty promises. No shaktipat transmission. No “there’s nothing you can do because it’s already one” somber satsangs. No expensive mantras. No psychotherapy. No tapping for $50,000. No “it’s all your fault that you’re broke and ugly.” No dietary rules. No gurus. None of that crap. Just a real, honest, transparent, radical approach to discovering a life really worth living.

Joey Lott is dedicated to helping people discover freedom and joy. He grew tired of the “spiritual scene” and the “therapy scene” and so he developed a radical new approach to finding the wellspring of joy. He is the creator of Radical Freedom Techniques and Radical Change Works. Join Joey Lott for an exploration that is unlike anything else you've experienced.