April 26

Poetry Storm 3.0 / Wind




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Admissino: Free

Event Description

Cut+Paste Society members along with their students and mentors present an all ages poetry storm on April 26, 2014 at the City of Santa Fe Community Gallery from 2:00 - 3:30 pm. Sixteen women read about wind in an event for National Poetry Month. Poets include:
Ann Filemyr, Anne Valley-Fox, Arianna Sullivan, Barbara Rockman, Carol Moldaw, Colleen Kelley, Edie Tsong, Lauren Camp, Michelle Laflamme-Childs, Piper Leigh, Raina Wellman, Renee Gregorio, Robyn Hunt, Shebana Coelho, Susanna Space, Stella Reed.

Snow Poems Postcard Books as well as poetry books by participants will be for sale. Refreshments. Free and open to the public.

Cut+Paste Society is a community of women writers and artists in the Santa Fe area. Their goal to bring together their talents, skills, and voices, to create projects beyond their individual spheres of
influence was realized with last year's Snow Poems Project and Poetry Storm readings.