Pink Pelvis




Contact Info:

(505) 867-6700  Ext: 180, 181

Ticket Info

Purchase Tickets Online or by phone at (505) 867-6700 Ext: 777

21 years of age and older.: $18.0

Assigned Seating 
Must be 21 years or older to see the show. Have a valid photo ID ready at the doors. Doors open at 6pm.

Event Description

The Show

Pink Pelvis performs one 75-90 minute show which includes a featured “burlesque dancer”, sexy interactive games and surprise guests. Currently the band is partnered with the ever elusive Kalani Kokonuts, a legend in the word of tease. Known as “The Showgirl of Burlesque,” Kalani’s mad-skillz have taken her around the world.

The band thrives on intimate venues, weddings and high end bachelorette parties with access to the audience for those no-so-private lap dances. Interactive dry humping and lots of red wine are the foundation and primary inspiration for Pink Pelvis show.


The Pelvis started out in the late 80's as a young, enthusiastic, lounge singer from the bible-belt region of the Northern Americas. Back then he was simply known as the Crooner. After work dried up in the midwest, the Pelvis was forced to relocate to Sin City - Las Vegas, NV.

The temptations of Vegas eventually transformed this once soft spoken, morally sound singer into the sexual deviant he is today. Pelvis, the legend, truly emerged after one particular night involving two Chihuahua's, a bottle of Jack Daniels and three Stardust cocktail waitresses... No need for any further details but let's just say... the story captured the hearts and groins of the Entertainment Capital sealing Pink Pelvis' fate forever.

The rest is history.



Pink Pelvis performs their funk-lounge, mash-up versions of todays and yesterdays SEXY hits – from contemporary hits such as, “Sexy and I Know It” - LMFAO to classics like, “Fever”. The moment you lay eyes on Pelvis' signature hot pink afro/pompadour you'll be hypnotized, that is, if his pelvis doesn't get you first.

Get ready to sweat in your seat or on the dance floor as The Pelvis and his band deliver their unique sound plus more sexual innuendos than a high school boys’ locker room.