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CURRENTS provides the community with opportunities to experience New Media Arts in traditional venues, public and outdoor spaces. 5000 visitors attended festival events in 2013. The Festival is enjoyed by a broad demographic – children spinning through the galleries reveling in interactive New Media – seniors contemplating image and meaning – working class families – and savvy collectors.

The Festival is the result of a collaboration between Parallel Studios, its partners throughout he city and the many volunteers who invest their time to support this project. It is truly a community endeavor.


Opening Night Events in the Railyard District:

Performance by Flinching Eye Collective 7pm-Midnight @ El Museo
Get ready to be surprised by the unpredictable and provocative Flinching Eye Collective. They will be performing pop up audio/visual performances throughout the El Museo exhibition space.

Trombe Performance: 7pm-Midnight @ Railyard Plaza
Trombe – a beautiful, haunting audio/visual performance work. It will repeat four times on the hour beginning at 7pm. On the stage at El Museo. Trombe evolves around the relationship between an object from the real world and a solo instrument, using live audiovisual processing and simple robotics. The interactions between the object and the instrument are constructed to have the multiple significations of the object transfer onto the music. Integrating the performer inside the projection gives special attention to the spatial qualities of the video. “Trombe” in French means a very active storm carrying a large amount of water.

Breezy Night:  8pm-Midnight @ Railyard Plaza
Breezy Night is an installation highlighting the simplicity and visual beauty of light, motion and sound. The experimental video imagery is footage filmed of a holographic light installation by August Muth. The editing illuminates the ethereal transparency of light and the musical content scored by Jason Goodyear is responsive to changes in the color palette. A tactile weaving of the seductive threads of light, and the modulating audio composition, create tonal and textural palettes.

Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent: 8pm - Midnight @ Railyard Plaza
Evaluation: Banal to Transcendent is a multimedia performance that explores ideas of surveillance. Multiple elements of experimental video and sound emanate from the interior and exterior of the Axle truck. Dancers perform and interact with audience members, repeating rhythmic pedestrian movement and sequentially modulating time. A video camera records and projects to the exterior world the spontaneous, secretive interaction in the truck, luring the audience inside. As audience members exit the truck they are asked to take a quick survey.

Just Intoned Poem:  8:30pm - Midnight @ Warehouse 21
Just Intoned Poem is a cycle of video and sound tone poems presented as a three-channel projected video and sound performance. The videos are made from recordings of ordinary things – a table, a plant, a lamp – that are processed and modulated into something spectacular. The audio is composed of analog synthesized sounds, pitched in just intonation harmonic relationships and arranged by an aleatoric method. The arrangements of video and sound tone poems is also determined by chance, allowing each performance of Just Intoned Poem to be unique.

OVF Artists at Currents:  8:30pm - Midnight @ Railyard Plaza
At sunset on Opening Night the faculty and students of the Santa Fe University of Art and Design will once again light up the Railyard Plaza with a wide variety of audio/visual works from the annual Outdoor Vision Fest. They are a wonderful component of our opening festivities every year.

OVF@Currents brings some of the best work to the exterior spaces of the Railyard on opening and closing nights of the Festival. Outdoor Vision Fest (OVF) is a free, annual public event happening every spring on the campus of Santa Fe University of Art and Design. OVF features environmental projections, 3D architectural mapping, object-based video, interactive media and other related installations from design, art, film and photography students.