Feb. 11

Science On Screen: ‘Particle Fever’




Ticket Info

General Admission: $10

Students/Educators: $5

Event Description

CCA Cinematheque, Santa Fe Institute and The Lensic will present the film PARTICLE FEVER at the Lensic Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, February 11 at 7:00p, with special guests director Mark Levinson and physicist Geoffrey West (a Distinguished Professor and past President of the Santa Fe Institute), and introduced by Santa Fe Institute's Valerie Plame. This event is a fundraiser for the CCA Cinematheque. Tickets are $10, and $5 for students and educators.

Physicist-turned filmmaker Mark Levinson has trained his cameras on the Large Hadron Collider since its opening, awaiting this moment. The LHC is the largest science experiment in history-a 17-mile long tunnel on the French-Swiss border, with immense data collection systems. Designed and operated by 10,000 scientists and engineers from 150 countries, the LHC replicates the instant after the Big Bang in order to see what we learn about the atom...and life itself. With the energy and unfolding thrills of SPELLBOUND, plus wonderfully easy to-grasp graphics and fantastic subjects, this film explains and makes exciting the complex matters at hand, including the Higgs. Support provided by the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

PARTICLE FEVER has been a huge hit at festivals including Telluride and Toronto, with outstanding reviews. It will be released nationwide in March and is expected to be one of the biggest independent film hits of 2014.

* "A surefire crowdpleaser with ravishing imagery and immensely likeable subjects." -Variety
* "Full disclosure: I cried at a movie about particle physics." -Scientific American
* "Mind blowing!" -New York Times
* "Succeeds at every level." -Hollywood Reporter
About the SCIENCE ON SCREEN series: CCA And Santa Fe Institute developed the Science On Screen program in October 2012. These programs are designed to use cinema as a means of connection between acclaimed scientists and the general public. Science on Screen presents, in layperson's terms, key concepts and research that deepen our understanding of science and our appreciation of scientific practice. This program is sponsored in part by the Coolidge Corner Theater Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.