Oct. 17-19

Paleoamerican Crown Jewels Together for First Time in Santa Fe

Largest assemblage of early artifacts brought together for first time & open to public




Event Description

Come explore the mystery and saga of the first people to colonize the Americas during the last Ice Age at the Paleoamerican Odyssey conference in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. Come hear the leading experts in the field of First Americans archaeology discuss the evidence for the Ice Age colonization of the Americas. Come and see the archaeological evidence--the artifacts from key sites from across North America.

Don't miss out on this historic conference, held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, the largest such gathering since the Clovis and Beyond Conference held in 1999. This conference is for everyone--archaeologists, avocational archaeologists, Quaternary scientists, students, the general public, and anyone interested in archaeology. REGISTER TODAY!

The Paleoamerican Odyssey conference, coming to Santa Fe October 17-19, 2013, is bringing with it a truly rare opportunity for fans of archeology, history, anthropology and the simply curious. For the first time anywhere, the world’s most significant collection of Paleoamerican artifacts will be all together in one place at one time and open to the public. An event unlikely to reoccur for many years.

“These are the crown jewels from the early peoples of the Americas,” said conference organizer and Texas A&M Professor of Archeology, Dr. Mike Waters. The artifacts trace the peopling of the Americas through tools, weapons and fossils, each lending a little more insight into who were The First Americans, where they came from and how they got here. The nearly 1,000 artifacts are from Pre-Clovis, Clovis, Western Stemmed, Folsom, and Late Paleoindian sites, more than 60 important Paleoamerican archaeological sites in total from Japan and North and South America.

The public is welcome to take part in the full three-day conference ($225); attend a day’s worth of lectures, see some of the 200+ poster presentations on research and take part in an evening’s special discussion ($75); or buy a ticket ($25) just to view and spend time with the artifacts. The conference will be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.

The conference is organized by the Center for the Study of the First Americans and is meant to move the field forward by sharing the latest thinking, archeological finds and most current research not only among some of the world’s leading archeologists in attendance but with the public as well.

Conference registration and more information is available on site and online at http://paleoamericanodyssey.com/. Tickets for one day conference participation and access to the just the artifacts will be available at the door.