Now Open ‘Making Light of it: 366 Days of the Apocalypse’




Event Description

San Francisco-based artist Michelle Blade has made one painting a day for the entirety of 2012. As a daily meditation on her relationship with painting and with the apocalyptic Mayan prophecies surrounding 2012, Blade's work investigates themes of ritual and prophecy, the real and unreal, as well as a universal yearning to connect with the unfamiliar. Blade's solo exhibition Making Light of It features the debut of all 366 apocalypse paintings, alongside new sculptural works, as a triumphant New Year proclamation.

Music by SFUAD's gypsy-jazz band, The Lazer Cats & Calabacitas by La Montanita Co-Op Food Market.

Related Event: Thursday, January 17 6:15 - 7 p.m.
Lecture: "Conversation: Living Through the End"
What does it mean to survive the forecast "end of the world?" How do apocalyptic prophesies come to bare on contemporary society? How have artists responded to notions of the end times? Join SFUAD's Precolumbian Mesoamerican Art Historian Prof. Khristaan Villela in conversation with artist Michelle Blade about how ritual, art, and prophecy might be understood after living through the end.