Nov. 12

SITE Santa Fe’s ‘Nuevo Romancero NuevoMexicano’

Artist Performance by Pablo Helguera




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Event Description

In 1915, researcher and folklorist Aurelio M. Espinosa published a study titled
Romancero Nuevomejicano, a comprehensive collection of poetry and music from New Mexico that he had compiled over many decades from direct recording of various New Mexicans. Espinosa's pioneer work, which reaches 100 books, is considered as one of the most important bodies of work of the Spanish and Mexican folklore in the Southwest.

Nuevo Romancero NuevoMexicano is a project-in-progress by Pablo Helguera for SITE. Taking on the spirit and the format of traditional poetic and musical forms that took root in New Mexico, this performance intertwines existing songs with anecdotes and stories that lie at the core of New Mexico's remarkable history. Helguera will also incorporate components from his 2002 presentation Punitive Expedition (A Topographer's Tale).

SITE is pleased to present this event as the first program of SITEcenter, the investigative and programming hub inaugurated by SITElines. Pablo Helguera is the first artist-in-residence of the Center, and will be engaged with SITE for an extended period of time. His immersive involvement will help to enhance our connectivity and inspiration for the SITElines series.

As cultural promoter and educator, Helguera has worked for over 15 years in US museums. He is currently the Director of Adult and Academic Programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Prior to that, he was the head of public programs at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1998-2005)