Parallel Studios and CURRENTS 2013 present contemporaneous discussions on New Media

‘New Media: Arts & Sciences ’




Event Description

1st-Mile Institute's Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC) program presents an afternoon program of screenings, panels presentations and group discussions with arts and sciences practitioners working at the convergent forefront of new media technologies applications, challenging ideas and creatively inspired eco-social responsibility.

Program 1:  From Nanos to Cosmos:  Micro to Macro Worlds, Visions & Views
Program 2:  Geo-Info-Eco: Global to Local imaging, Simuation and Modeling
Program 3:  Photonic Interference & Coherence: The Future of Light-based Media

Participating panelists:
Thomas Ashcraft, Heliotown, Charles Veasey, IDEUM, Dr. Philip Jones, COSIM-LANL, August Muth, The Light Foundry, Sally Weber/Craig Newswanger, Resonance/Zebra, Jed Frechette, LIDAR Guys, Lexi Pickel/Jeff Carrit, UNM, Richard Lowenberg, facilitator, 1st-Mile Institute