Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival

Multimedia Performances




Event Description

First Saturday Performances: June 14 8pm - 10pm

The Warriors: A Love Story, is a multimedia performance that confronts the disturbing beauty and profound devastation of war. dance, interactive video projections, and live music conjure a condensed history of life and death in the twentieth century, and a soldier’s epiphany upon nearly shooting his own reflection in an abandoned farmhouse. Originally premiered in 2013 in Santa Fe, the reimagined production is on its way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Using the painterly possibilities of digital generative techniques, this live cinema, sound and music performance explores real-time audio-visual processes to re-imagine the traditions of landscape painting. We can no longer view the landscape as a refuge, as much of the world is under siege. In this transfigured landscape of strip mines, chemical dumps, deforested expanse and glacial decline, NoiseFold imagines a different kind of elemental awareness. The pastoral slides away in successive waves of transformation.

First Sunday Performances: June 15, 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Western Door/Power Trail is a collaborative performance piece that traces issues of sustainability and water rights in relationship to ideas about power and relocation. Through exploring and embodying these ideas, evocative sound and visual environments emerge a new in each interactive performance. Conceptually the work is conceived as a trio between maker/performer Karen Schupp, interactive media artist Todd Ingalls, and the media that they generate in performance. Instead of hiding the technology and source of the media, the interactivity is revealed to foreground the live interplay of decision-making throughout the work.

Scalene explores the idea of applying Jazz-influenced improvisation to serial processes and real time graphics. Simultaneously, serial techniques and algorithmic devices are used to inform the parameters of improvisations and free play. This creates a data-rich feedback network for the development of intimate and immediate art, expressed using acoustic instruments, analog electronics, and digital processes.

Second Saturday Performances: June 21, 7pm - 10pm

A fourth exciting evening of a variety of multimedia performances featuring Gary Lee Nelson, E.L. Bearer (Composer) with Tom McVeety (composer/musician) and John B. Carpenter (digital media artist), and NoiseFold: David Stout / Cory Metcalf.