Modernist Printmaking in the Southwest, 1920-1950




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An exceptional exhibition of Southwest scenes from the early twentieth century, with fine art prints by important American Modernists, including Emil Bisttram, Morris Blackburn, George Burr, Gerald Cassidy, Howard Cook, Gene Kloss, Arnold Rönnebeck, Will Shuster, John French Sloan, and Theo White.
Beginning in the late nineteenth century, East Coast artists began to travel to New Mexico, attracted by the clarity of the air, the charismatic light, and the vibrant colors of the landscape. Kindred spirits—artists, writers, and free thinkers—followed in their wake, eventually forming the Santa Fe and Taos art colonies in the early twentieth century. During this active and fertile time, avant-garde artists in New Mexico adapted Cubism and other current stylistic movements to express the exoticism of Southwestern landscapes and cultures. In turn, many forms of printmaking were embraced for their expressive potential.


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