‘Missions & Moradas of New Mexico, 1922–2012’




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Annual Easter exhibition of modernist and contemporary works depicting the missions and moradas of New Mexico, with prints, paintings, drawings, and photography. Artists include Morris Blackburn, Howard Cook, Lucille Leggett, Ralph Pearson, Craig Varjabedian, Theo White.

In addition to a great selection of modernist works, this year’s exhibition features the work of contemporary photographer Craig Varjabedian, who’s Morada Photographic Survey earned an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Varjabedian’s association with the Penitente Brotherhood also lead to the publication of an award-winning book and a PBS documentary that won an Emmy.

A unique culture of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, the Penitente Brotherhood is a lay confraternity that arose after Mexican independence in 1821 when Spanish missionaries left the area. In the mid-nineteenth century, the region became an American territory and the Penitentes were compelled to continue their practices in private. And so their meeting houses arose in discrete locales, with their humble forms echoing their pious intentions. Varjabedian’s quintessential photographs subtly convey the evocative spirit of these structures with within their powerful landscape settings.

The village of Chimayo’s history of fervent devotion extends back centuries. A number of images in the exhibition come from the area of Chimayo, which to this day remains a pilgrimage site, especially during holy week.

This exhibition runs from March 29 through April 27, 2013, Mon–Sat, 9:30am – 5:30pm.