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Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray play American music. They've traveled the country following the threads that tie the American narrative together and they've woven those threads into a sound all their own. Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray multi-task on guitars, banjo, mandolin, organ, glockenspiel, lap steel and more to bring to life the urgency of Southern Soul, the earthiness of classic country and the pioneering spirit of 60's and 70's Blues Rock. Miss Shevaughn has a truly powerful voice that ignites, roars and flickers and Yuma Wray has at his disposal an arsenal of instrumental talents that underscore the duo's unique, honest and compelling storytelling. Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray spent 2011 on the road, living in their Honda Element, finding their way and finding their sound. The results of this quest can be found in their debut album, "We're From Here," available September 11, 2012 “Miss She vaughn and Yuma Wray are honest-to-goodness some of the most charming and alarmingly great musicians I've seen live... Miss Shevaughn has one of the most beautiful and powerful voices I've heard from a female vocalist." Brightest Young Things Feb. 2011 "...from the twangy, irrepressible, under-your-skin guitar lick of Baby Blue to the low-key mournful country of Fadin’ On You, each of the five songs on this record stands out in one way or another. Highly recommended – if you can catch them on their countrywide tour in 2011, we reckon it’ll be a treat." The Mad Mackerel April 2011 “Americana” is not a lightly attributed category. They have seen the U.S. and they sing about it with heartfelt soul and just the right amount of indie charisma. There’s nothing stuffy or snobby about their music. It clearly shines through as honest and poetic…. Bottom line: If you like tales of woe, Americana, timeless songs with a n indie twist, what are waiting for?” Angelica-Music – June 2011

Website: http://www.missshevaughnyumawray.com