Thursday, February 28

Martin Sexton




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Event Description

“Who needs a full band when you’ve got MARTIN SEXTON!?”

He beat-bops, covers every range from James Earl Jones’ perfect bass to a Bee Gee’s falsetto, doesn’t need any wah-wah or guitar effects as he mimics them all to a tee, duplicates the resonating drum mallet as well as the gentle swish of a drum brush, and even throws in a little yodeling...along with the audience, of course.

The incredible Martin Sexton returns to the Lensic where he amazed and enthralled a great crowd in the Fall of 2010.  If you have ever seen Martin Sexton, well, then you know what an incredible talent he is... and if you have not.. DO not miss this opportunity to see him live in concert at the Beautiful Lensic theater.