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What's the difference between a cover band and a tribute band?
Wigs. Fake blood. Real fire. Grease paint and platform shoes.

Get ready for it: Santa Fe's best (and only) Kiss tribute band, LOVE GUN, will blow the roof off the joint on Halloween, Wednesday October 31st, at the Second Street Brewery's Railyard location at 8PM. Be there or be disappointed that you missed a very rare and authentically inspired face-melting from hometown hair-os Mikey Baker (Moby Dick), Andy Primm (Swordfish, Chango, Moby Dick), Peter Williams (The Sticky), and Micah Chappell (Chango) as the Spaceman, the Starchild, the Demon, and the Fox.

LOVE GUN has been delighting and horrifying audiences for many spooky moons, including huge shows at the 2nd St Experience, Corazon, Paramount, Evangelo's, and an eight-year-old's birthday party. But don't be deceived, their shows are also rare and generally seem to coincide with falling leaves, longer nights, and All Hallows Eve. This is a great opportunity to catch what is sure to be an epic and crazy night at the Second Street Brewery at the Railyard. There will be costume contests for best, worst, and weirdest costumes and a screening of the 24-minute comedy zombie movie "My So-Called Apocalypse". LOVE GUN goes on first, then the movie, then a very scary halloween variety set by DEUS CREPITUS (the guys in LOVE GUN as zombies instead of as LOVE GUN) playing a rousing blend of Halloween rock and roll, like Ozzy, Sabbath, Zep, and "The Monster Mash." No cover.

It's gonna be ridiculous. Don't miss it. Bring the kids...