Opening Nov. 16

Leon Gaspard: Impressions from Russia and the Faraway



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The show opens on Saturday, November 16th with a reception from 2-4:00 pm and will continue through the end of the year.

Nedra Matteucci Galleries proudly presents a major exhibition by renowned Russian artist Leon Gaspard (1882 – 1964). The show, Leon Gaspard: Impressions from Russia and the Faraway, opens this coming November. An ambitious collection of works depicting distant lands, these compositions present an enduring expression of Gaspardʼs deeply insightful portrayal of his universal subject. Today, these paintings continue to reveal untold stories and depth. As Leon Gaspard said to fellow artist, Russian painter Nicolai Fechin, “Art does not stand still.”

Gaspardʼs fine art training led him from his birthplace in Vitebsk, Russia to Paris, where he studied at the Academie Julien. Embracing travel to paint remote corners of Asia, Europe and North Africa, Gaspard never stopped painting Russia. Remembering the wildness, colors and traditions of his boyhood region, Gaspard made Taos, New Mexico his permanent home in 1918.

The remarkable artistic and historical record of Leon Gaspard astounds us in its prescient and worldly vision for our shared humanity. Gaspard painted with a unique sensitivity for the spirit of each region, rich with folkloric character, historic tradition and natural beauty. From his avid, spontaneous life sketches to his major studio paintings, Gaspard offers a compelling, perceptive, and vivid narrative of faraway lands.

His creative genius defies conventional definition. Although classically trained in Russia and France, Gaspardʼs paintings cannot be characterized by style or association among contemporaries. His methods were unorthodox; his technique was eclectic and candid. His striking palette and keen use of color was paramount.

We continue to interpret and rediscover Gaspardʼs extraordinary work. His compositions capture our imagination with their exotic, beautifully defined distinction of place in a world beyond the familiar. We are transported to busy market scenes, peasant gatherings, and a foreign panorama of color and form that is vibrantly rich and alive with the possibility of discovery.