March 14

Laurie Ann Larimer: ‘Excavations’

An Installation




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Admission: Free and Open to the Public

Event Description

Exhibition continues through April 6th.

In Excavations, Laurie Ann Larimer presents a collection of objects, some found, some made, all evoking place and history.  A rusted metal structure fills the interior of the gallery.  Small brackets hold each object separately, evoking an archeological collection.

"Photographing and collecting discarded objects and rusted metal is a contemplative/metaphorical practice of discovering what is lost and what is found in individuals and in society.  I have been photographing and collecting rusted metal, glass and other found objects for 15 years and utilizing the objects in installations that reveal the beauty and organic nature of each piece.  Found in the arroyos and the high deserts of New Mexico these objects represent to me what is found beautiful and what is considered unused and unwanted in society.  The transformation of the pieces from garbage to an object of beauty is my way of evoking a communication between the viewer and the landscape.  Some of the pieces I discover are up to forty years old and they range from once cherished objects to just old tin cans tossed on the side of the road.  There is a sense of melancholy and delicacy that I feel happens throughout the aging of these items from the exposure of the elements and the unraveling of time. As I start putting the items together a sort of story unfolds and each installation is different.  I alter some items and integrate a few items I make which makes it difficult to discover what is made and what is found.  It becomes a collaboration between myself the landscape and the viewer.  The purpose is to evoke a sense of melancholy and perhaps longing in the viewer through these excavations."-Laurie Ann Larimer, 2014