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Kodama Trio (Modern Jazz)

Trio from Santa Fe featuring leading New Mexico improvisors performing spontaneous music, original compositions and inspired interpretations of standards.

A kodama is a forest sprite in Japanese folklore. They are said to be found in groups, especially in the mountains, and they are associated with anything from good fortune to outright mischief.

Kodama Trio is an instrumental group from Santa Fe, New Mexico, featuring leading New Mexico improvisors. We perform spontaneous compositions, original music and inspired interpretations of classic jazz tunes.

After several years of crossing musical paths under a variety of circumstances, drummer Milton Villarrubia, bassist Jeremy Bleich and pianist Robert Muller realized that their shared musical chemistry deserved further exploration, resulting in their first sessions and performances at the original Second Street Brewery.

A music gumbo of diverse influences, each performance takes surprising twists and turns and sizzles with (an often quiet) energy. It's jazz as a verb, not as a style - humans connecting with each other and interacting and just seeing where the conversation ends up.