Kimono Fashion Show

Benefiting Japan Aid of Santa Fe Recovery Relief Fund




Ticket Info

Admission : $3

Children 12 and Under: Free

Event Description

Santa Fe JIN Matsuri features an exhibit of vintage kimono, including a fashion show. Flute Master (shakuhachi) Marco Lienhard will perform to the rhythm of the taiko drums of Smokin’ Bachi. Other Japanese art forms presented include Japanese and Okinawan style dance, Martial Arts and the Traditional Tea Ceremony. 

Matsuri (translation: Japanese Festival) originated from the ancient Shinto rituals that date back to the mid-third century. The traditional Matsuri was held in shrines by the Imperial Court to pray for the well being of the region. Since the Kamakura period (1192-1333), the festival has expanded into an enjoyable community event with entertainment, food, and souvenirs. Again we will send funds directly to the area devastated by the great tsunami.

An update on how the people of New Mexico have helped will be presented.

Vintage Fashion Show moderator Janine Thormann will give historical background on each kimono and haori (short jacket) as they are modeled. Learn about the significance of color, fabric and styling details that vary for men, women and children. Highlighting the show are ceremonial robes and the wedding kimono.

Kimono Exhibit will be provided for closer viewing of kimono and vintage fabrics.Guests have an opportunity to wear kimono at the Photo Op booth and support Earth Walkers who are taking children in the radiation zone to clean air and nature.