Julesworks Follies 9th Edition



Contact Info:

All performers and artists are encouraged to submit possible show ideas to Jules at: srubinfilms@gmail.com

Anyone interested in helping behind the scenes, to produce and promote is also welcome to contact Jules.

Ticket Info

Admission: $5

Event Description

Julesworks presents edition nine of Santa Fe’s Monthly Variety Show, the Julesworks Follies.

We will set up our show in the intimate yet spacious downstairs bar making use of their top notch sound system and lights. This will be our first month at the Rouge Cat who we thank profusely for agreeing to host us immediately upon notice of the unfortunate and untimely closing of the Lucky Bean. 

We are excited to announce that renowned musician Jono Manson will join to play several songs throughout the show. Jono is one of Santa Fe’s most talented and hardest working musicians who is cherished world-wide. We hope that having Jono perform will connect us with the new Santa Fe Music Alliance to help us attract great musicians in coming months. Punk legend Gregg Turner is lined up to play the Sunday, January 27th Follies.

Another exciting announcement is that we are developing a special show for Late April, after we pass our one-year milestone in March, of a Compilation Showcase of highlights from the year’s worth of Santa Fe’s monthly variety show. We hope that as the monthly show continues into its second year, that this Showcase will become periodic and take place in one of Santa Fe’s theatrical venues.

The rest of the line-up for the December 30th show is once again a broad mix and includes performers from previous months and ones new to the Follies.

  • The Julesworks Monty Python Brigade Squadron aka Crunchy, Raw Un-Boned, Real Dead Frog return with two sketches including a Holiday rendition of Always Look on the Bight Side of Life from the end of Life of Brian. In the sprit of reverent homage, this will involve homemade crucifixes. The Julesworks Python Crunchy Raw Frog (for short) includes Tom Sibley, Stephen Rommel, Ezekiel Crider, Brittani Marie Chapman and Stephen Jules Rubin.
  • Tone Forrest regales us with some Holiday Musical Cheer including guest carolers singing Twas the Night Before Christmas and more. While the show takes place after X-Mas day, we believe it is never too late for singing and celebrating.

  • Julesworks presents a new short play Waiting for Someone with Ezekiel Crider, Stephen Jules Rubin and Nicholas Ballas.
  • Julesworks presents the ninth installment of their serialized play “Whatever You Do, Part 9: Movin on Up”. The cast includes: Stephen Jules Rubin, Stephen Rommel, Ezekiel Crider, Bianca Borg and Brittani Marie Chapman.

  • Marlys Fick returns with more of A Year in the Texas Hill Country, the embellished telling of her true life’s tale.
  • Other returning artists include: authors Corrine Wesley, Leticia Cortez, Dale Lotreck, Patrick Chavez , and Trent Zelazny, slam poets Ezekiel Crider, Aron Kalaii and Tre Baby, new plays by Jodi Drinkwater and Daryl Wellington, comics Tom Sibley and Al Staggs and Comedienne Goldie Garcia, The Queen of New Mexico Comedy, with more acts to be confirmed shortly.

The Host/Emcee for this month is Andrew Kirkpatrick. Andy is a recovering artist who is trying to quit as well as a Karaoke enthusiast.

We look forward to ending 2012 with a grand, wacky, profound and cheery show of Follies.

Tickets to the Julesworks Follies are $5. 

The Follies’ mission is to offer an array of performers in a variety of mediums a forum to hone their skills and broaden their horizons with a live audience.