Julesworks Follies 12th Edition

Santa Fe's Monthly Variety Show



Contact Info:

All performers and artists are encouraged to submit possible show ideas to Jules at: srubinfilms@gmail.com
Anyone interested in helping behind the scenes, to produce and promote is also welcome to contact Jules.

Ticket Info

Admission: $3

Event Description

Julesworks presents edition twelve of Santa Fe’s Monthly Variety Show, the Julesworks Follies, on Sunday, March 24th at 6 pm. The show carries on at the Rouge Cat at 101 W Marcy Street in downtown Santa Fe.

For our coming twelfth show, we will have cohosts in our loyal performer and designer Andrew Kirkpatrick with a newcomer to the Follies Mario Ulibarri. Mario is a dancer, actor, musician and all around awesome man about town who just starred in one of the Benchwarmer Shorts at the SF Playhouse. He has been granted authority to tango or meringue away any audience member should the occasion arise.

-Gregg Turner returns again as our musical guest with some extra surprising touches even he may not know of yet.

-Julesworks presents the twelfth installment of their serialized play “Whatever You Do, Part 12: We One Years Old”. The cast includes: Stephen Jules Rubin, Stephen Rommel, Ezekiel Crider, Bianca Borg and Brittani Marie Chapman.

Jasmine Quinsier returns with her unique storytelling dance and will present new spoken word and she joins with the Julesworks Monty Python Recreation Brigade Squadron aka Crunchy, Raw Un-Boned, Real Dead Frog as they carry on their Quest for the Holy Grail, presenting snippets of the original script. Also in the Python Squad are Stephen Rommel, Tom Sibley, Bianca Borg, Stephen Stone, Ezekiel Crider and Jules. We hope the posse will continue to grow.

Other returning artists include: dancer Chandler Rhinehart who will also present a new original song, storyteller Patrick Chavez, our resident comic Tom Sibley, comic impersonator Al Staggs, actor/comedian Stephen Stone from Albuquerque, authors Corrine Wesley, Leticia Cortez, Jodi Drinkwater and Dale Lotreck and more.

We are proud to offer a forum in which performers feel safe and welcome to try different mediums and genres.

On Sunday, March 24th to launch our second year, we will stage a very special Julesworks Follies Showcase on Friday, April 26th at 7:30PM at the Santa Fe Playhouse. We are very excited to present at that event spotlights of the top acts and beloved pieces from our first year of existence.

The Julesworks Follies, Santa Fe’s Community Monthly Variety Show, continues our run on the fourth Sunday of each month with this March show marking our first year of existence. Many of the loyal performers from our first year return, some who have been away for a few months, and we will have some new additions as always. As we move into our second year, we hope our outreach continues to bring a wider array of talent in many mediums.