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Jodi Balsamo



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Jodi Balsamo

Jodi Balsamo works in mixed media, as a collage artist and photographer. She attended Parsons School of Design in New York City. After 27 years working as a mosaic artist using tiles and dishes as her materials, she has taken that process to the realm of paper and mixed media. She's lived in Santa Fe for the past 23 years. She also gives private art lessons to young people.

Artist Statement

I love the whole process of collage; the hunt for old books, magazines, and beautiful paper; cutting and tearing the paper into shapes and pieces and turning them into an image that evokes a nostalgia and memory. The materials I use have all had a past life and are now infused in a mosaic of colors, textures and patterns.

Dean Balsamo

In terms of art, Dean Balsamo is a "gray man," to borrow a phrase from the world of spies and intelligence agencies, as he adopts multiple roles depending on the situation-artist, critic, curator, director, impresario, and performance artist. He's the founder of Arcane Art Space in Santa Fe, NM.

Artist Statement about the Salt Werk series (Photos 1 and 2):

These pieces are seen as homage to salt-an indispensable component of life and its multi-faceted connections to human culture-revolving around associations with work, common sense, health and healing and the beauty of its crystalline structure.