Nov. 22

“JFK Assassination: 50 Years Under the Coup”




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Event Description

Friday, November 22nd, 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. 

Join David Brownlow, Dwight Loop & Dean Balsamo for an open discussion and presentation about the most important date in American history since World War II, November 22nd 1963.   This event will present historical and anecdotal information with video clips and commentary in the hope that the investigation into the President’s death won’t become a historical footnote. The 1976 Select Committee on Assassinations of the U.S. House of Representatives found...”on the basis of evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.” Public poll shows that nearly 8 in 10 Americans (Gallup Poll) believe that there is much more to the assassination story than the official Warren Commission Report.  

David Brownlow will share his personal and professional connections to the assassination through his work in the film industry. 

David is the President and founder of "studio x" Santa fe's first Internet service provider.

He is also a forty year veteran sound engineer in the film and television industry completing numerous films and documentaries, including "Ruby" the Jack Ruby story, which he use as his focus for his interest in the Kennedy Assassination.

Dwight Loop:
Long-time radio personality, writer and music composer, Dwight is also an aspiring American political pundit, having hosted "Alternative Press Review" on KSFR-FM from 1994-96 which featured interviews with controversial authors, writers and radio hosts who covert the socio-political spectrum. He is an avid reader who "grew up under the shadow of the JFK assassination" and who has read many books and theories of  the JFK/RFK and MLK Assassinations and other political conspiracies and controversies which have shaped the baby-boomer generation.

Dean Balsamo:
Artist, writer, filmmaker and author of "Ruby's Girls," a book and short film based on one of Jack Ruby's Dallas Nightclub Girls. A long-time Santa Fean. has written for various local media publications and who works in the magazine industry.