Sunday, March 9

Jared James Nichols

with Jessica Childress and CatNip Tea




Ticket Info

Admission: $5

Event Description

Ornery Bull Audio Events presents Jared James Nichols with with Jessica Childress and CatNip Tea.

"Ornery Bull begins its experiment in variety with an upcoming show at Evangelo’s featuring 22-year-old blues rock phenom Jared James Nichols. Nichols ditches the overproduction and high-pitched guitar wanking for a sound that is both raw and dirty but tight and well-executed. A shredder incarnate, Nichols recently signed with Sony/ MTV’s Hype Music Publishing, and his guitar chops have been celebrated within both the media and music industries. Let’s put it this way: The dude rocks, and by tapping into the foundation laid down by hard rock/blues and simultaneously adding gritty, underground authenticity, Nichols breathes fresh air into a genre dominated by barroom bullshit and Kid Rock-esque acts. Singer Jessica Childress is no slouch herself, having appeared on NBC’s The Voice with her own blend of blues and R&B, and opener CatNip Tea will unleash their new conceptual piece Ouroborealis, a 40ish-minute opus that’s equal parts jam band, indie rock and killer grooves." - Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter