Opening Friday

Inner Demons V

Artistically Channeling the Unexpected and Unusual



Ticket Info

This event is free and open to the public.

Event Description

Inner Demons V, opens with a reception Friday, Oct. 25th, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Ahalenia Studios, 2889 Trades West, Unit E, off Siler Street. This event is free and open to the public.

This fifth annual group art show Inner Demons features drawing, painting, poetry, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and performance art. Inner Demons makes us come face to face with our often unseen preoccupations and perversions by exploring the morbid and disturbing in art. Confronted with harsh realities, haunting images, and waking nightmares this exhibition is a thought provoking experience in an uncensored environment.

The opening reception will feature music by Santa Fe pop-punk trio, Tiny Sandwiches, and bass soloist Jacob Harman, a local Santa Fe musician.

The show will be open to the pubic from 1:00–6:00pm on Saturday, Oct. 26; Sunday, Oct. 27; Saturday, Nov. 2; and Sunday, Nov. 3. From October 28 through November 1, the show will open by appointment, which can be arranged via 505.316.4146 or

Participating Artists Include:
• Shaun Beyale, Navajo painter and illustrator, IAIA alumnus
• Melissa Dominguez, Spanish-American alternate process photographer and printmaker, CCSF student
• Sarah Elsberry, Osage printermaker and current IAIA student
• Sam Haozous, Chiricahua Apache experiment photographer, CCSF student
• Paul Harman, European-American painter specializing in letterforms, CCSF student
• Topaz Jones, Shoshone painter and printmaker, IAIA alumna who works at the Museum of

Contemporary Native Arts:
• Stephen MacMurray, Irish-American mixed media artist, CCSF student
• Daniel McCoy Jr., Muscogee-Potawatomi painter and illustrator inspired by underground comics,

IAIA Alumnus:
• Doreen McGregor, European-American poet, who read poetry as part of the Lollapalooza tour,

CCSF Student:
• Melissa Melero, Paiute-Modoc mixed media artist from Hungry Valley, Nevada, IAIA alumna • America Meredith, Cherokee-Swedish painter, IAIA alumna, CCSF instructor, editor of First

American Art Magazine:
• Matthew Morrow, photographer, Albuquerque native, College of Santa Fe alumnus
• Alysha Shaw, European-American performance artist, musician, writer, and interdisciplinary artist, exploring Balkan and Middle Eastern music, College of Santa Fe alumna
• Neebinnaukzhik Southall, Rama Chippewa photographer specializing in body art original from Canada


  • Tiny Sandwiches features Daniel McCoy Jr.: guitar, bass, drums, vocal, Stephen MacMurray: drums, guitar, vocal and Robert Garcia: bass, guitar and vocals.
  • Jacob Harman, plays solo bass and has performed at events ranging from open mics to horseshoe pitching tournaments.

Ahalenia Studios offers an independent alternative space committed to showing uncensored art from the community. This incarnation of Inner Demons is co-curated by Doreen McGregor, Matthew Morrow, Jacob Harman, and America Meredith.