‘Humanity Exists in a State of Rupture from the World’: Hegel, the Fall, and Spirit’s Alienation fro

Junior Common Room, Peterson Student Center




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Free and open to the public, each lecture is followed by a question-and-answer period.

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The story of the Fall, especially in the Christian version that interprets it in terms of original sin, is a constant theme in Hegel’s writings. His interpretation of the Fall and of evil is not only interesting and original in its own right, but influences the manner in which Hegel comes to think of humanity’s alienation from nature. In this lecture, Raoni Padui will first attempt to explore Hegel’s reading as it appears in his Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, with special attention to the necessity of our natural alienation. He then hopes to show how it is used and repeated in surprising places throughout Hegel’s work, including the Phenomenology, the Logic, and the Philosophy of History.

A visiting tutor at St. John’s College since spring 2012, Raoni Padui received a bachelor of arts degree from Vassar College in 2003 and a master of arts degree and doctorate in philosophy from Villanova University in 2005 and 2012, respectively. Before coming to St. John’s, Raoni Padui was an adjunct instructor at Villanova and on the part-time faculty of the University of New Mexico.