How to MIX




Event Description

Seeking entrepreneurial experts, sonic savants, eating impresarios, cocktail collaborators, nightlife luminaries, Santa Fe sages, and the socially savvy to show us all HOW TO MIX.

Dress in your best that's made to flex as DJ Joe Ray shows us how to light up the night at Skylight Santa Fe , the city's swankest new venue.

Prove your palette with free and ferocious menu samplers from the Skylight kitchen that knows how to satisfy.

Be ready to demonstrate how to indulge in creative cocktails and burly beverages. As always, putting your expertise to work on our survey will mean your first drink is compliments of the house.

Watch in wonder and astonishment as we award over $20,000 in cash and business development resources to folks who know how to put the art in startup—it's the finale of the 2014 bizMIX business plan competition.

Flex your photographic muscles by serving your snaps onto the live #HowToSantaFe Instagram Feed and see the ongoing collaborative portrait of the city evolve before your eyes. For more info, check out

If you need to know how to hire the talent you're looking for, you'll welcome the return of the MIX job board.

Learned locals know that this is the Thursday before Indian Market and will know how to be smart about parking, cycling, walking, rolling and parachuting in to the event.

Free food and beverages move fast, so don't dally around, y'hear?