HOME: Earth Day at the Railyard




Event Description

HOME is a large-scale collaboration of local groups involved in education, conservation, multi-arts, social & environmental justice and creative community engagement. 

Come on HOME: On Saturday April 26th at the Santa Fe Railyard Park HOME presents an all day festival offering 
•a colorful procession, 
•performances, including a pageant by Wise Fool,
•audience participation in arts projects, 
•workshops on environmental topics, and
•demonstrations of practical sustainable practices that can be implemented at home or work place. 

HOME is a community project that inspires, engages, educates and envisions the world we want right now.

HOME provides an opportunity for individuals, families, and organizations to create artwork that responds to our world. 

HOME is a collaboration of many local groups involved in education, conservation, theatre, arts, social justice and creative community engagement.

This celebration of HOME and our interconnectedness is for everyone! And is Free!

Parade starts at Sanbusco at 11:30.