History Tour: Ortiz Mountains Educational Preserve




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Free. Reservations required.

Event Description

Bill Baxter’s History Tour is a walk through historical New Mexico, in the pine forest of the Ortiz Mountains. The tour lasts approximately 3.5 hours from the rendezvous at the parking area to the return to the same parking area. The first half hour is a steep 2 mile drive up into the Preserve followed by an easy walkabout, covering 1 mile total. We will inspect the mina Santo Niño (the oldest lode gold mine in the west, now occupied by bats) and the site of the nearby mina Santa Rosalia, as well as remnants of New Mexico’s first railroad (1867) and other relics of the Mexican and Territorial Eras. Follow in the footprints of Doña Tules, José Francisco Ortiz, Belle Sweet and Thomas Edison. Allow a half day for this adventure.