Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

White Buffalo and The Wise Guys

Rock | Rancheras




Event Description

White Buffalo hails from northern new mexico.  The band’s music has been variously described as the Beatles meet the Byrds and Tom Petty in northern New Mexico”. George Adelo, Gwen Lenore, Ben Lucero and James Michael king are the nucleus of the group, Joe Louis Dunaway and James Varela provide the percussion backbone of this eclectic blend of organic rhythms. The band is known for bringing people off their feet during their performances. 

Think Beatles hits, along with blues, country, and (for New Mexicans) the kind of ranchera that can’t help but get your feet moving. The Wise Guys play them faithfully, and they play them tight. “People love our variety, and we have a lot of material,” says Lopez. “I always say, if you don’t like a song we’re playing, just wait a minute!” Not surprisingly, they’re popular at weddings and get-togethers, where people want to move to music they already love.