Halloween 2013 in Santa Fe



Event Description

Below is a list of all things that go bump in the night this Halloween:

  • Santa Fe Community College Halloween Festival Free Trick or Treating
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    Santa Fe Community College
    The campus comes alive with trick or treating, spooky decorations, games, face painting and cakewalks in the Main Entrance Hallway.

  • Weird Science Carnival
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    Santa Fe Children’s Museum
    A fun Halloween carnival with science experiments, a costume parade, bouncy house (weather permitting), snacks, DIY apple shrunken heads, crazy photo booth, family portraits and a performance of Thriller!

  • Halloween Night of Horror: ‘House of Wax’
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    Jean Cocteau Cinema
    The Santa Fe Film Festival and VincentPrice.com present the inaugural Halloween Night of Horror on October 31st at the Jean Cocteau, starting at 6:30pm. The screening of the film moves to the Farmers Market Pavilion. 

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    The Lensic Performing Arts Center
    It doesn't get scarier than Bowie as an alien.  The Man Who Fell to Earth, directed by British filmmaker Nicolas Roeg, is based on the 1963 novel of the same name, by Walter Tevis. The film has gained a cult following for its use of surreal imagery and its performance by Bowie, who stars as a humanoid alien who visits Earth to find water for his dying planet.

  • Halloween Costume Dance Party
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    Iconik Coffee Roasters
    Luke Carr's costumed performance of Storming the Beaches with Logos in Hand is complete with a pot-playing pterodactyl. Evarusnik rounds out the set.

  • Halloween with Felix y Los Gatos
    Thursday, October 31
    The Cowgirl
    A fun and spooky Halloween with Felix y Los Gatos at the Cowgirl.

  • Catahoula Curse
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    Second Street Brewery @ The Railyard
    Get to The Railyard on Halloween night for an extra spooky set of Southern Gothic Ameritronica!

  • The Strange
    Thursday, Oct. 31
    El Paseo

    Hot of the tail of a recent Rolling Stone magazine mention The Strange takes over El Paseo for a ridiculously fun Halloween night. - See more at: http://www.santafe.com/calendar/event/the-strange12#sthash.HmFcrmID.dpuf
  • A Night of Freakish Fun
    Friday, Nov. 1
    Dress in your best Halloween costumes to be entered into a costume contest!
  • A Harrell House Halloween
    Oct. 31 - Nov. 2
    DeVargas Center
    Come to the Harrell House of Natural Oddities store at DeVargas Center on Halloween for special free exhibits of creepy animals in front of the store, bug-themed candy, and other tricks and treats!

Below is a list of some of the Haunted Houses central New Mexico has to offer, including an interactive zombie apocalypse, outdoor haunted corn maze, and a Zombie Paintball Hunt:

Laboratory Z


NM Slaughter House
Enter the home of the demented couple, where you will meet the young female "Nina." The couple believed her to be the perfect child and the only one thus far to be unharmed, having met the expectations of the couples rules--"hear no evil," "see no evil" and "speak no evil." Follow her throughout the secret passages that the children made in order to survive this terrifying house of slaughter. You will be walking between walls, climbing steps, entering and exiting through vents, closets and cabinets. You will also encounter several hidden booby traps that "Leather Head" installed to eliminate their chance of escape. Due to starving conditions, children resorted to gnawing at each other.  So beware and do NOT allow them to see you; as they will attempt feeding!

Should you make it through the main house unscathed by "Leather Head" or "Mother Mary," your final obstacle will be conquering their wolf creature, who they fed the children's remains. Who will be the sacrifice? Will it be you? Will you make it out? Or will you be one of the unfortunate to be trapped in the walls? - http://www.nmslaughterhouse.com/default.html


The End Haunted House

Get ready for some chilling new action, as Albuquerque gets a new haunted-house attraction this year. This ominous sounding place is called “The End.”

The apocalypse is upon us: The infected have taken to the streets of New Mexico and Quarantine is the living's last refuge in Albuquerque. The experience is an interactive haunted house unlike any other, a performance that puts the audience in the story!


Realm of Darkness

The Realm of Darkness has been totally redesigned and will leave you lost, confused, and tormented. A brand new theme and all new scares will be heading your way this October. 

Dragons House of Horror

The Legends are back! What would Halloween be without the gruesome foursome? Clown Butcher, Michael, Jason and Pumpkinhead are together again to invade your nightmares. Which Legend will give you your final scream?

Corrales Corn Maze

Get your maze on at either of two locations. Both beautiful, the Corrales or Los Lunas mazes are sure to provide your family a fun experience for all ages. Each year we cut new mazes, and this year the Corrales maze offers 2.2 miles of trail, and our Los Lunas maze offers a Large Maze with 3.3 miles of trail and a Mini Maze 1 mile of trail.


Interesting NM Haunts
Here are are a few of Santa Fe's ghostly legends:

El Muerto Headless Horseman/Alto Street – A headless horseman reportedly haunts this street, riding his horse down to the Santa Fe River. Brandishing a sword, it is said the he lost his head to two Spanish witches, after complaining about a love potion they gave him. Most often this headless cowboy is sighted near the riverbank.

Casa Real Health Care Center – At this senior healthcare facility at 501 Galisteo Street, employees, patients and visitors have complained of strange happenings ever since the facility was built in 1985. Constructed over the site of an old penitentiary graveyard next to another haunted building, most people say that an oppressive, uncomfortable feeling emanates from this building. Others have reported strange colds spots moving throughout the rooms and unexplained moaning is often heard in the north and south wings.

Grant Corner Inn – Just a few steps off Santa Fe's historic Plaza sits the historic Grant Corner Inn. The house was originally built in 1905 by a couple new to the Santa Fe area. Unfortunately for the young couple, shortly after they built their new home, a sickly son was born who required constant attention. To make matters worse, the woman’s husband died shortly thereafter. The young mother soon remarried a man who was said to have not been a very nice person. Over the years the child's health worsened and the mother threw herself into caring for the young boy. During this time, visitors to the home would often report hearing the young boy crying and banging on the walls of his upstairs room while his mother was downstairs. However, rumors persist that object continue to fall to the floor, while footsteps and slamming doors are often heard within the old house. Others have reported seeing a grayish figure in the hallway. Reportedly, rooms four and eight, as well as the hallway upstairs are the areas reported to be haunted.

Luguna Pueblo Mission –The coffin of the murdered priest keeps popping up through the church floor here. Father Juan Padilla was murdered by Indians in 1733 and was buried beneath the floor at the Islata Pueblo Church. Before long, his coffin, hollowed out of a cottonwood tree, rose out of the earth in front of the altar. It rose again twenty years later, and again in 1889. Then, on Christmas Eve 1914, it poked through the floor again. Two investigations were conducted by the Bishop of Santa Fe, but no conclusion was reached as to the nature of the phenomenon.

La Residencia – Now housing a nursing home, this building at the corner of Palace Avenue and Paseo de Peralia, was once the community hospital. Years ago a little boy died in room 311 from injuries suffered in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, the boy’s father also died in the same car wreck. Today the muffled crying of the little boy is heard so often that administrators try to keep the room unoccupied. Other paranormal occurrences also happen in the basement. This only began to occur when the state museum began to utilize the basement to store Indian artifacts. Reportedly, strange sounds are often heard in the basement rooms, so often that some nurses refuse to enter the area. On one occasion, two nurses reported seeing a wall in the basement oozing fresh blood. La Residencia is located at 820 Paseo De Peralta.

Mission of San Miguel – The oldest church still in use in the United States, this simple earth-hued adobe structure was built around 1610 by the Tlaxcalan Indians of Mexico, who came to New Mexico as servants of the Spanish. Though badly damaged in the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, the sturdy adobe walls remained unharmed. Stone buttresses later were added to strengthen the walls, the tower was remodeled and a modern façade was added. On display in the chapel are priceless statues and paintings and the San José Bell, weighing nearly 800 pounds, which is believed to have been cast in Spain in 1356. The bell was used in churches in Spain and Mexico before being brought to Santa Fe by oxcart in the early 19th century.  This old bell is said to have been the source of a miracle in the mid-1800's when a blind man attended the church at around noon every day. His fervent prayers are said to have cause the bell to ring of its own accord and when it rang, the man regained his sight. Unfortunately, when the ringing stopped, he lost his sight again but was later able to accurately describe statues and icons inside the church. The church is located at 401 Old Santa Fe Trail.

Information compiled from Legendsofamerica.com

The Ghosts of Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • The Albuquerque Press Club – Originally built in 1903 as a family residence named the Whittlesey House, this nightclub came to be after it passed through many hands over the years. Staff and frequent patrons have seen the apparition of a woman in a black shawl so many times, they’ve nicknamed her “Mrs. M.” Other reports include hearing mysterious high heels click across the floor and the old piano playing all by itself. Despite the many reports, no one really knows the origin of the hauntings or why the ghosts haunt this particular club.
  • Carrie Tingly Children’s Hospital – Several visitors and even staff members of this children’s hospital have come forward claiming to have seen and heard strange things including the disembodied voices of children, sobs, and even faint heartbeats. Supposedly there’s also been several rooms in vacant sections of the hospital that appear to be glowing and some people have even reported being unable to pass through doors and hallways by an invisible force. 
  • Haunted Hill – Located just at the end of Menaul Boulevard in the foothills of New Mexico, visitors can allegedly hear screaming and the sound of bodies being dragged (gruesome!)  Albuquerque folklore states that an old man who used to live in the caves at the top of the hills would bring prostitutes there and eventually murder them.
  • Maria Teresa Restaurant – This old hacienda has the unique distinction of being one of New Mexico’s most haunted buildings. Dating back to 1783, at least three different ghosts have reportedly been seen wandering throughout the building and employees claim to have felt pressure and the sensation of being touched when no one is around.  Other bizarre occurrences include flatware and tables showing up in strange places, mysteriously moving on their own and faint apparitions appearing in mirrors.
  • The Job Corps Center – Before this center was part of the Job Corps initiative, it was home to an orphanage and a boy’s school that was established in 1918 by the Sisters of St. Francis. The orphanage and school remained open until 1971, when the Department of Labor claimed it. City records actually show that one particular sister supposedly went insane and murdered a handful of boys at the orphanage. When the school was installing a swimming pool over an unused well in the back, the bodies of several children were found. Today, it is believed the center is haunted by those children murdered and that if you listen hard enough, you can hear the cries of dying children. One particular note of interest is that the Job Corps handbook specifically prohibits the use of Ouija boards on campus. Perhaps to avoid unknowingly disturbing the ghosts of the murdered children.

Information compiled from Hauntworld.com