Guitar Literacy for Songwriters with Bruce Dunlap




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Workshop Admission: 2 day workshop - $100

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Event Description

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The 10th installment of GiG's very popular Guitar Games series, Guitar Literacy for Songwriters is an in-depth guitar weekend for advancing songwriters of all levels, all styles from advanced beginner to pro.

Songwriters can easily be top-notch guitarists and this fast-paced, no-stress workshop often provides radical improvement in one’s guitar abilities. This weekend builds strong foundations, filling in gaps and firing the songwriting guitarist’s imagination with a series of 50 Guitar Games designed to support greater guitar fluency and promote clear, well-supported songs. Participants will leave with a roadmap for developing all the skills they desire and an entirely new palette of guitar colors, harmonies and techniques to explore in their songs. Also, the essential elements of songwriting will be discussed in-depth.

Topics covered will include:
The non-denominational guitarist
The songwriting guitarist’s toolkit
3 important chord vocabs
10 foundational right hand patterns
10 probably wanna have chord progressions
Finding what you hear on the fretboard
Singing your chords
5-minute music theory
Interval pictures
Doubling vocal melodies on guitar
Guitar harmonies to compliment your voice
Capturing first thoughts
15-second melodies
5-minute songs
Simple song orchestration on the guitar
Guitar - a rhythm instrument
Chords, rhythms and moods
Chord progressions and emotions
Communicating with other musicians
Chord progressions & story line
What can be done in an hour
Your 1st finger as capo
Reharmonizing songs
Training your voice with the guitar
Training your guitar playing with your voice
And much more!

"Evocative and spellbinding." -The New York Times

"Acoustic jazz guitar played stunningly well... fascinating new compositions." -Jim Hall

"This guy demonstrates an approach that takes advantage of the harmonic and melodic possibilities the guitar can offer in the hands of a master. He seems to have it all - single note chops that are as developed as anyone, harmonic finesse and expertise and a command of the polyphonic capabilities of the guitar that I have seldom, if ever heard in the jazz realm." Richard Smith

"One player that comes to my mind as someone who sounds kind of like he can physically do anything on the guitar, from blazing fast single note lines to complex, effortless sounding contrapuntal improv, is Bruce Dunlap. To me, that guy comes as close as I've ever heard to having "perfect" technique for playing jazz guitar." Tom Lippincott

12 to 4 - Sat. and Sunday, Sept. 28 - 29
Limited seating available.

Please email with any questions