Great East Japan Earthquake Anniversary Commemoration



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Please call this number regarding the event. 505-470-8554

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On the second anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a group of Santa Feans rings out a call to action with gongs, cymbals and bells to keep the appeal for help in the public consciousness. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake brought devastation in the form of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters. The Japan Aid of Santa Fe fund is a long term project of the Santa Fe JIN (Japanese Intercultural Network). This year, funds will be donated to Earth Walkers, a group in Japan that takes children out of radiation zones, so they may enjoy the outdoors.

The Sunday March 10 event begins at 4 PM at the Santa Fe Budokan, 1360 Vegas Verde, Ste B, Santa Fe, NM 87507. The public is invited to bring gongs, cymbals, bells and any personal stories of the quake and its after effects.

Joining the group is Japanese-American singer songwriter Madi Sato, who along with her brother created a nonprofit group called KASA. Kasa means “umbrella” in Japanese. The letters stand for Kindness America-Sendai Alliance. The city of Sendai is the closest major city to the epicenter of the quake. The Satos have relatives there and set up the organization to offer aid. Ms. Sato will talk about her experiences and lead a prayer chant.

Santa Fe JIN established the Japan Aid of Santa Fe fund during the Matsuri (Japan Cultural Festival) two years ago. That year, donations went to the Japanese Red Cross. Last year, funds went to a group called Volunteer Support Base Kiizuna, which helped clean up waterways and take supplies to people by kayak. An exhibit of those efforts in the Ishinomaki area will be on display. The 2013 Matsuri will be held Sat. April 20 at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. This year, funds will go to Earth Walkers. The group takes children from radiation zones, where they must stay indoors, to safe zones, so they can be outside.

A letter of support for the event from the Consulate General of Japan in Denver will be read at the gathering. The resident gong at the Santa Fe Budokan will ring in remembrance of the lives lost. Then, the public will join in beating the other instruments to embody support toward recovery. Please join us!

REMEMBER- Sunday Mar 10 is the time to Spring Forward into Daylight Savings Time