Gravure – The Process Demystified – Diane Alire, Jorge Tristani, Jessica Weybright and Jim Coker




Event Description

This exhibition will enlighten the viewer about how a gravure is made. Step by step, these four printmakers utilize photography as a basis for creating gravure prints. Gravure is a perfect combination of photography and printmaking. Older than photography, it had its heyday during the days of Ansel Adams. It was revived in the first days of the 21st century with the availability of plates that can be developed in water rather than using toxic chemicals. In gravure the image is exposed to a light-sensitive plate which is then developed and can be printed like an etching which gives the artist more freedom in color choices. Participating artists: Diane Alire, Jorge Tristani, Jessica Weybright, and James Coker.

Exhibition dates: June 7 – July 13
First Friday Artscrawl: Friday, June 7, 5 – 8 pm
Demonstration during the reception: 6:30 – 7:00 PM