Gospel of John Bible Study at the Cowboy Church of Santa Fe County




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The NEW Cowboy Church of Santa Fe Bible Study - The GOSPEL OF JOHN begins on September 11th!

We'll be kickin' off on September 11th & goin' through November 13th. One of the most important books of the Bible, John's gospel presents Jesus in a unique way. One of the last books likely written in the Canon of Scripture, John's gospel reflects on ALL that has gone before him…his time with Jesus, the birth & growth of the early church, & the revelation of the Gospel of Grace to the Apostle Paul. John was the "lover" of the Apostles, & his gospel will touch ya clear down to your spirit!

We'll begin at 7:00pm sharp and plan to wrap up each session by 8:00pm. If you'd like to come early or stay later to fellowship and share that'll be great, but we'll try to "officially" keep the study to an hour each week. Mark your calendars & don't miss out on this blessin'!