Women's Salon

Fostering the Confidence to Cultivate Our Own Success




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Let’s say that success is as individual as we are. Let’s say too that confidence is key in its pursuit. We’ll apply for the job, accept the new project, agree to give a speech – as soon as we have the confidence. So do we have to wait for “as soon as” before we can move forward?

We say “No”! We say confidence is learned and it’s learned by doing.

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with Lainie Grimmer, Rubina Cohen, and Cyndi Conn. We’ll take a look at:

How we can foster, in ourselves and our peers, the integrity to push through our fears in pursuit of our own success.
Taking action, even when we don’t feel ready.
Using mentorship to build confidence, for both the mentor and the mentee.